What We Do

We write and post things — things about the way we read and write and process our thoughts and what that means to us: personally, socially, intellectually … even spiritually. So much of what we do as writers is learn to see the world through different perspectives; and sometimes that means seeing with our hearts. Sometimes that means opening yourself up to chance, and we understand it can be a little scary to do so.

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to doubt yourself. It’s okay to lose yourself in the moment.

For us, writing is about communicating — both externally and internally. In a business environment, writing is about building bridges with your colleagues and clients; and the general public. In a creative environment, writing is about knowing yourself, your limit, your possibilities — before creating that safe space for others to do the same with you.

This blog is about threading the fine line across different disciplines, whether it be academic writing, creative writing, business writing or journalism. In the end, writing is communicating. It is not talent that makes the writer; it is their need to reach out to themselves, and to other people.

Moreover, we also repost stuff we like, stuff we think you may benefit from, stuff that motivate, inspire, or sometimes stuff that hurt and confuse us.

Because life is all of these things, isn’t it? It’s about getting things done, but also it’s about getting hurt and sitting somewhere in the corner of some room and crying your eyes out. And, you know what? Some of that hurt is going to be in your masterpiece. Some of that hurt is going to carry you further than you have ever imagined. Eventually, some of that hurt will create pockets of gratefulness. It will make you a better person.

And if we can be better people together, our lives will be so much the richer.

That is what we aspire to do. With you.