About Us

The Blinking Cursor is your rest area, a pit-stop between the point where you began your journey as a writer and the point where you envision your writing will take you. It is a blog maintained by the staff and interns of The Jakarta Post Writing Center, which is something you might want to check out by clicking on the link. The Writing Center is one of a few, if not the only, adult education and professional development centers that specialize in English writing studies in the country. And this particular space is dedicated to the celebration of the writing process — including its various creative hurdles, how to deal with pressing deadlines or demanding editors, and what it means to go on the inevitable quest for greatness when it comes to penning your masterpiece.

We believe everyone needs a pit-stop: a place where you can sit back, put your feet up and not worry about where you came from or where you’re heading. Sometimes, all you want is to recharge your thinking batteries and continue on with your journey. Other times, perhaps all you need is to look at a familiar face. That’s fine with us. This space is free. You can stay as long as you need to.

Sadly, we do not accept submissions. We can’t afford to pay contributors. Not at the moment, anyway. But perhaps in the future. Stay tuned.