Instructor: Ninda Daianti

Writing an application/admission essay is an art of itself. The statement letter or the letter of intent is dedicated to make one stand out amongst the other applicants. What is unique about you? What kind of information do you need to put in the short two-three pages?

Summarizing your professional experience and personal values in such short paragraphs can be terrifying. With key elements of understanding what the university wants, this course will use the approach of individual writing assessment based on the essay questions provided by each university. With different sets of eyes, you’ll have editing peers to better your statement.

The essay should convince readers, the faculty’s committee, that you are a perfect fit for the school. Before that, you must know which aspects you want to “sell” to them.

Final Project

This workshop has one specific goal: for you to finish your application essay that you will submit to the university you are applying to.

Perks: 10% discount for all university students. Alternative payment plans available. If you are a university student or require a payment plan, leave us a note in the comment area.

Investment value: IDR 4,000,000 (incl. tax)

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Available course dates:

‡ July 27 – August 24 2017 (Thursdays 4 – 7 pm)

‡ September 7 – October 5 2017 (Thrusdays 4 – 7 pm)