Instructor: Ninda Daianti

As a continuation of Introduction to Short Story, Advanced Fiction: Flash Fiction touches base on how to write short shorts. This means cutting your adverbs and adjectives. Looking at elements of fiction in a more in-depth eye, you will learn to use effective dialogue, to focus on the current conflict, and to sharpen your characters.

Another core element in finishing your story is sadistic editing. In Flash Fiction, every word counts. This contemporary literature genre takes pride in reading between the lines—of what is unsaid in the piece but lingers in the readers’ minds long after they finish the story.

Short stories are previews, small square windows you look at when you’re alone; flash fiction means you’re boiling down to the core without any mercy. Say more by writing less.

Final Project

The final task for Flash Fiction is none other than to have two finished stories, all fewer than 1,000 words, ready to be submitted to a publication of your likings. The stories might be ready to be sent to several flash fiction competitions.

Perks: 10% discount for all university students. Alternative payment plans available. If you are a university student or require a payment plan, leave us a note in the comment area.

Investment value: IDR 5,500,000 (incl. tax)

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Available course dates:

‡ November 5 – December 10 2017 (Sundays 2pm – 6pm)