Instructor: Erza S.T.

Welcome to The Jakarta Post Writing Center’s Creative Writing course: On Hotel and Restaurant Reviews. I am delighted to be spending the next 6 (six) weekends with you and sharing with you some of the most useful practical knowledge on how to write reviews, writing manner, angle and approach, and research method that is needed in doing a review. If you enjoy doing a personal review and publish it online, then this would be the perfect course for you to fine-tune your reviewing skills and make it original. However, I would like us to start from scratch to give you a great foundation. You will be surprised to know the many aspects of reviewing. It’s actually fun!

This course is divided into two major parts:

  • Food and Restaurant review
  • Hotel review

For four hours in each session, we will read, write, discuss and simulate interview or review activities. The objective of the program is to develop your own style of reviewing that can represent your unique voice with the right manner and factually correct.

The primary goals of these sessions:

  • Understand how to do the right research method
  • Learn how to do an open-mind research
  • Know which angles to write from
  • Understand the right approach when dealing with hotels and restaurants
  • Find your personal point of view to create originality


Participants must have a good command of English writing skills and are at least 20 years old.

Final Project

At the end of the workshop, you are asked to produce two reviews that are ready for publication. You will be doing an actual food tasting and join a destination tour at a five-star restaurant and hotel to complete the assignments. 

Perks: 10% discount for all university students. Alternative payment plans available. If you are a university student or require a payment plan, leave us a note in the comment area.

Investment value: IDR 7,500,000 (incl. tax)

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Available workshop dates:

‡ Postponed until further notice