Instructor: Debra H. Yatim

Whether you’re a veteran poet, an aspiring poet, a poetry lover or simply someone who enjoys the art of poetry writing, this workshop will get your creative engine cracking and sparking electric words. We do not assume you’ve written poems before, but we do assume you are the sort of person who loves words. That’s why this is the perfect workshop for you, where you’ll meet like-minded people and be immersed in the experience of a lifetime.

This workshop explores a fun, experiential and informal way of learning how to read and write poetry. Using song lyrics, poems and other forms of beautiful storytelling, you’ll be exposed to the way poets think about their work and about the experiences that touch you and transform you.

In this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Explore different ways of expressing ideas and observations through poetry
  • Dissect the structure of some pieces of poetry to see what makes them tick
  • Excavate the hidden meaning behind some works of poetry
  • Look at the different structures of poetry and some of the tools
  • Create a first chapbook to kick-start a collection of our own poetry
  • Have fun!

Final Project

At the end of the workshop, you are tasked to submit at least three publishable poems.

Perks: 10% discount for all university students. Alternative payment plans available. If you’re a university student or require a payment plan, leave us a note in the comment area.

Investment value: IDR 5,500,000 (incl. tax)

Available Schedule:

≠ July 22 – August 26 2017 (6 sessions | every Saturday | 10am – 2pm)

≠ September 9 – October 14 2017 (6 sessions | every Saturday | 10am – 2pm)

≠ November 4 – December 9 2017 (6 sessions | every Saturday | 10am – 2pm)

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