Instructor: Debra Yatim

The best stories are hard to forget. They do far more than just show the world what your brand/company/team is made of: they are an experience in and of itself. If you want people to remember you, care about you, respond to you … tell them unforgettable stories.

An important workshop for managers, marketers and content creators who wish to learn more about the concept of story mining and understand how you can apply the universal value of what makes great stories.

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • understand the context behind powerful words and images
  • how to find your voice and express your authentic self
  • know the difference between confidence and conviction in storytelling
  • discover how the art of storytelling has been used to drive motivation and generate change for thousands of years
  • how to find stories your audience care about

Final Project

At the end of the workshop, you are expected to produce a story pitch for a specific brand or marketing content for your own portfolio.

Investment value: IDR 4,000,000 (incl. tax)

Perks: 10% discount for all university students. Alternative payment plans available. If you are a university student or require an alternative payment plan, leave us notes in the comment area.

Available workshop schedule:

‡  8 – 29 August 2017 | 4 sessions | Tuesdays 4-7 pm

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