Welcome to our little cave of fantastic possibilities.

You have arrived at the doorstep of The Jakarta Post Writing Center‘s humble blog site for Creative Writing Workshops. It simply means this site is designed specifically to inform you of our upcoming workshops; and appease you with some writerly tips.

You may ask what it is we actually do and whether the workshops we offer are any different from the ones you find in other places. We’d like to think what we have to offer is quite unique. For one thing, we model our workshops after MFA (Master of Fine Arts) programs with proper learning tools, a structured discussion process and stimulating activities to get your creative juices going. For another, in our workshops, we do a lot of reading. We believe reading and writing are inseparable and that to become a good writer, you have to be a great reader.

So, what do we do?

We share our love for words, stories and the many forms they come in.

Go on, take off your shoes. Leave your troubles at the door.